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By Manny Bassey
Published on Mon, Sep 19 2011 by Manny Bassey












ARIT'S FABLES an entertaining children's web series that educates through morality tales launches this week on youtube … The series told through animal stories by Nigerian Actress Arit Essien highlight the foibles of mankind and give insight into mankinds nature through heart, humor and humanity.  Each webisode in the series tells the story of a new fable.

Arit Essien studied Theater at the University of Calabar, Nigeria and the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, USA.  

In 1990, Essien was appointed the Director of Cross River State Cultural Center, Calabar, and held this position until her appointment in 1992 as Special Adviser on Information to the Cross River State Governor. On her return to the USA in 1994, Essien, taught in public schools, devoting her spare time to pursue her research goals in art, society, and the beneficial effect of this relationship.

Her animal stories, based on her research efforts, are unique and highlight the foibles of humanity while admitting the imperfection of man. The idiosyncrasies in the characters portrayed in Essien’s animal stories make for laughter. Yet, Essien believes that the pictures they represent, the insights they offer, and the lessons they teach can bring about a life changing experience.

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Directed By:  Decoder Media,

Produced By: The AFRican  

Written By: Arit Essien


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