Ghana's Disturbing 'Posters' For Hollywood Films (Photos) Purveyors of foreign films in rural and semi-urban Ghana commission startling graffiti to advertise their makeshift cinemas and video clubs.

Ghana's Disturbing 'Posters' For Hollywood Films (Photos)

Published on Fri, Jun 14 2013 by Web Master
Somewhere in a corner of rural Ghana, the young and the old are huddled in a darkened room, eyes glued to a television screen. It doesn't matter that the movies showing at this makeshift cinema aren't recent, they are appreciated for the distraction from daily routines they represent. In other spots around the neighbourhood, others who have video players and TVs of their own can be seen standing outside small kiosks, looking to rent a movie or two to provide some entertainment in their homes.
To spread the word about their business, purveyors of foreign films in such areas of Ghana have taken to commissioning wall paintings, spawning what can be regarded as a niche art movement of some sort. These graffiti jobs are the local equivalents of movie posters, a 'luxury' that only cinemas in the big cities have access to. See if you can spot familiar movie titles in the fascinating and somewhat disturbing collection of images below.


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